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RPMS-Rashkow Prefessional Management Services RPMS-Rashkow Prefessional Management Services
Strategic Platform
RPMS, Inc. provides advisory services focused on success measured by achievement.  Our process is focused on the challenges and opportunities that will improve results.  Our critical path concentrates on “be ready” rather than “get ready”.  Our team is dedicated to join our clients in exploiting potential available throughout an organization from top line to bottom line and everything in between.
Developing a total approach for success requires that the best offer, the right team, and the proper mix of assets are all present and available. Increasing competition, changing consumer shopping habits, and infinite merchandise selection choices all complicate the ability to realize the financial rewards acceptable for winning strategies. RPMS Inc.’s experience in retail, consumer products, distribution and manufacturing facilitates our clients’ ability to define their pathway to success. Our framework links discovery, concepts, tactics, strategy, and execution objectives. Our work with clients includes efforts to fix, grow, build, acquire, or sell their business determined by their needs and objectives. Our goal is consistently to exceed our clients’ expectations.
RPMS, Inc.’s advisory work for clients brings a balanced solution perspective to every project that considers all stakeholders to include shareholders, board members, management, creditors, and outside professionals. Our focus is directed at establishing a dominant position for our clients’ services or assortments in their markets. RPMS Inc. is dedicated to insuring that the process, strategy, and execution all match the plan and achieve the objectives --- profitability and success.
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